Summer Fun for St. Joseph’s Families

Source: St. Joseph's Church

Following a decades-old tradition, Wednesday evenings in June and July are a time of fun and fellowship for families of St. Joseph’s Church.​

Since relocating the events to Lennox Park on Gratiot Avenue last year, “Sports Night” has grown to include Kick Ball, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, walking on the park’s trails, and just plain old fun on the massive playground set.


At 7:00 sharp, pizza is brought in and, together with watermelon, cookies, chips, and other treats, provides a hearty meal for many hungry kids. The regular attendees of Sports Night are sometimes blessed by the appearance of Fr. Kimball, Fr. Gillilan or other priests who spend time both in conversation with the adults and in stiff competition on the baseball diamond or basketball court. If you haven’t yet joined this enthusiastic crew at the park, stop in for one of the last Wednesday night events: Wednesday evenings from 6 pm to 9:30 pm for the rest of the month of July.