Superior General’s letters

Please find here the list of the letters of the Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X.


February 1987 - Superior General's Letter # 32

February 24, 1987
Gospel prophecies concerning the last times are being realized. Religious Liberty secularizes the whole of society and a harmful optimism about the future is encouraged. Christ is God, and God cannot change. True Christian charity means leading those in error to Christ. More seminaries opening and planned. Consecration of the world, Russia and the SSPX to Our Lady.

October 1986 - Superior General's Letter # 31

October 07, 1986
Catholic Tradition can no longer be extinguished. Traditional religious houses are growing with vocations and Major Seminaries are opening in France and Gabon. Next year will see less expansion, but more strengthening. Continue firm in the Faith with a strong inner life. Support Tradition in word and deed by prayer, alms and carrying your crosses.

February 1986 - Superior General's Letter # 30

February 07, 1986
The Extraordinary Synod in November confirmed the errors of Vatican II. Recent events show that we are close to a worldwide religion presided over by the Pope. The pope's actions sadden us, but it is not our position to judge him. The situation is desperate, but we can still make a difference by forming holy priests and all of us leading holy lives.

September 1985 - Superior General's Letter #29

September 27, 1985
Archbishop Lefebvre has had a richly blessed 80 years, but his most important work has been the recent rescue of Holy Mother Church. Ecône has become the model for training priests in our time. God's sanctuary is reconstructed and the enemy kept at bay, though the adversaries press on with their liberal theology.  

February 1985 - Superior General's Letter #28

February 20, 1985
The Society consecrated to the Mother of God. We are attached to truth, to the Mass and to saving souls. The work of the Mystical Body itself will remove the scandal in the Church. For fifteen years now there has been a miraculous building up of the Church. Support of the seminaries is key.

March 1994 - Superior General's Letter #26

March 10, 1984
Events over the last few months show the decline in the Church. As the cult of man advances we need to hold on to Tradition. The rebuilding and renewal of the whole Church is being achieved a little at a time: new churches are opened and many seminarians to be ordained. Society to be consecrated to the Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart of Mary.

October 1983 - Superior General's Letter #25

October 07, 1983
The Archbishop has continued the redemptive work of Christ. Vocations are increasing and new priories are opening as we attempt to answer the calls of the faithful. A true renewal in the Holy Ghost is the aim and an intense spiritual life is needed to strengthen our work.

April 1983 - Superior General's Letter #24

April 28, 1983
Priests of the North-East District of the United States have rebelled against the Society's Superiors by obstinately refusing the 1962 liturgy. After vain attempts to show that the use of this liturgy is not a danger to the faith and that it should be accepted and used, the Society has expelled the rebellious priests and re-organised the district under Father Williamson.

March 1983 - Superior General's Letter # 23

March 07, 1983
Fr Barrielle, dear to many in the Fraternity, passes into the arms of St. Joseph. Rome shows a new attitude toward the old Mass, but there are still conditions that we cannot accept. The spirit of the new Canon Law is the same as that which inspired the changing of the liturgical books namely, it exposes conciliar Ecclesiology.  

February 1982 - Superior General's Letter #22

February 18, 1982
The Pope although seemingly inclined at first to grant the use of the Old Mass has been dissuaded from doing so. The Old Mass perfectly expresses the Catholic Faith and is an effective obstacle to false ecumenism whereas the New Mass is the opposite. We need good priests which requires the establishment of more schools providing a good formation.