Radix discusses Vatican II

June 27, 2019
Source: FSSPX Spirituality

Young adults of St. Joseph's Church in Ray Township met to delve into the cause of today's Catholic crisis, the Council known as Vatican II.

A larger-than-normal group of nineteen young people gathered at the home of a hospitable family in order to listen to a talk given by Stephen Fisher. The talk turned into a rather enlightening conversation, as all took part in the discussion.

The discussion revolved around the three principle errors of the Second Vatican Council, and was based on a book printed by Angelus Press: The Catechism of the Crisis in the Church by Fr. Matthias Gaudron.

The first of the errors is Religious Liberty, which declares that all men have a right to follow their conscience when acting in matters of religion. This leaves open grave danger for misinterpretation and ignorance among the faithful. Leaving each to his own will lead to error and confusion, causing souls to lose the faith, and ultimately their souls.  

The second is Ecumenism. This seeks to bring other religions to the same level as the Catholic Faith. The Council declares that other religions are of the divine religion and can therefore lead to salvation. A section of the decree says that “The Spirit of Christ has not refrained from using them [the separate Churches and Communities] as means of salvation”. Vatican II has hereby brought about religious pluralism and a loss of the missionary spirit.

The third is Collegiality. According to this, the pope and his bishops must no longer use their power, but must direct the Church collegially, or collectively. In practice, Rome no longer dares uphold its own authority over the episcopal conference, but in general yields to the pressure. The idea of equality propagated by the French Revolution has been imposed.