Outlook for Radix Young Adults

February 08, 2019
Source: Priory Armada
Young adults at the most recent Radix meeting.

In order to acheive a goal, every person or organization needs a vision. Young people from St. Joseph's gathered at a meeting for Radix in order to determine its outlook for the near future.

The assemblage on January 18 was an instance of the normal monthly meeting of Radix, the church's organization for young adults. This particular evening had a special insistence, and a larger group than normal appeared. Stephen Fisher guided the listeners through a slideshow which pointed out the upcoming events. They are as follows.

  • February: Ski trip
  • March: Scavenger hunt
  • April: Tiger's game
  • May: Kayaking at Belle Isle
  • June: Run the Plank

Other activities were discussed as well, including rock climbing, a charity visit to a local prison, and fowling (a combination of football and bowling!).

Fundraising was put on the table as well, and plans were made in this regard.

Lastly, Fr. Kimball presented the different ways to belong to Radix. Associate members, he explained, are the everyday soldiers in the ranks; they promise to pray at least one decade of the rosary each day for the intentions of the group. Committed members are the SEALS of the group; they take the more intense route, and desire to acheive greatness. They commit to daily 1) mental prayer, 2) examination of conscience and 3) rosary.

After a round of Catholic Trivia, the young men and women went their way, but each with clearer idea, a vision of what was coming in the next few months.

To learn more about Radix, visit their page.