New Crusaders Join the Ranks!

May 30, 2019
Source: Eucharistic Crusade

In a large promotion ceremony, 12 children advance in the ranks of the Eucharistic Crusade.


May 17 is the feast of St. Paschal Baylon. Known for his great devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, he is one of the principal patrons of the Eucharistic Crusade. Very fitting was it indeed that a promotion ceremony was held on Friday, the 17th of May in the year 2019 for the Crusaders of St. Joseph Church. 

Joining the Crusade as Pages were the following: 

  • Timothy Stasa
  • Isabelle Stasa
  • Maximilian Meduvsky

Advancing in rank to become Crusaders were these children:

  • Gemma Garno
  • Damien Crismore
  • Xavier Crismore
  • John Slobodnik

There were a number of girls who entered the ranks of Handmaid, the highest level for the girls:

  • Olivia Kalil
  • Celine Garno
  • Eleanor Quain
  • Maryah Sharpe

One boy rose up to the level of Knight; he had the privilege of receiving the accolade, or dubbing with the sword on each shoulder.

  • Mark Meduvsky

May many more courageous young children follow the call of this Crusade! "Prayer, Communion, Sacrifice, Apostolate!" May they hear the cry of St. Pius X, who called for children to take up the weapon of the Eucharist and fight under the banner of Christ.