Knight of the Immaculate No. 14

December 19, 2018
Source: Priory Armada

The new edition of the "Knight of the Immaculata" is now available in the breezeway at St. Joseph's Church. It has articles on St. Maximillian Kolbe, an article on Fr. Emille Neubert, who wrote several books about the Blessed Mother, and an interesting article written by a mother about the effect that the Miraculous Medal had on her daughter. There is also news about M.I. chapters from around the world, so don't forget to pick up your copy today!

The newsletter is also available online.

Fr. Stafki has the following to say about the newsletter:

Dear Knights,
This coming year, let us intensify our life of union with the Immaculata. Below is a newsletter from Fr. Karl Stehlin, International M.I. Moderator, which will prove to be a inspiration for each of us. In it he speaks of consecration as an act of the will, a desire for God's gifts. "The essential point of this [particular] act is the firm will to be henceforth always and everywhere the instrument in Our Lady’s hands", and this "...brings about a deep change in our inner life. Although externally all may remain the same..." This act of consecration pleases God immensely, he gives great graces to those who perform it, so why do we forget it so easily? Because we don't esteem it, we don't renew it, and most importantly, we don't live it. The remedy for this? Meditate on this consecration, renew it often, and live it. "What does it mean, to LIVE the act of consecration? Very easy: that we strive to accomplish what we say, what we promise. And this is a lifelong learning! It is to resign from doing things by ourselves, and instead, to do them with HER! Only in the measure that we are obedient to our parents are we a true and good child, only if we submit ourselves to the King are we his faithful subjects. Only if we accomplish the will of our heavenly mother, are we her instruments." He proposes as a 2019 New Year's resolution that we treat our consecration more seriously. 
In the Immaculata,
Fr. Mark Stafki
USA MI Moderator