Enroll in Mary's Army!

November 21, 2019
Source: Priory Armada

Seize the chance to join the Militia Immaculatae, an association of Catholics consecrated to Our Lady and dedicated to battle for her and her Son.

On Thursday, December 12, 2019, we will have an enrollment ceremony for the Militia Immaculatae at 1:15pm, after the 7:00pm Benediction. All those who would like to renew their consecration to our Lady that was made when joining the M.I. may do so in the same ceremony.

All are invited to make the 13-day preparation that is found in the Consecration to the Immaculata booklet. This starts November 29. Daily readings are made from the book The Immaculata, Our Ideal.  

The victory of Lepanto was attributed to the power of the Rosary, Mary's weapon of choice.

What is the Militia Immaculatae?

The Militia Immaculate is not an Association in the conventional sense, with concrete activities designed for a particular group, but instead is a movement designed to attract the masses and snatch them away from Satan. The essence of this movement consists of belonging to the Immaculata unconditionally, irrevocably, unreservedly and entirely.  

To find out more, visit our page dedicated to the M.I.

Under the banner of the Immaculata we march to the great battle, and we will set up our flags on the bastions of the princes of this world…Then the Immaculata will be the Queen of the whole world and of every individual person. - St. Maximillian Kolbe .